Cal Viola

Cal Viola – general

This large village house has been divided into four apartments. We bought the house about 10 years ago as a virtual ruin and renovated it from the inside out. Wherever possible (see the blue and Brown apartment), we left both the timber beams and the natural layout of the apartments intact. This house is the only one in the village which is built on a slope. It is two stories high in the front and five in the back. Weird as it may sound, that’s the way it is. That is why many an unsuspecting visitor renting the first floor for the first time suddenly finds himself looking from his terrace over the treetops of the fountain plaza. The location is extraordinarily quiet and all living units have a terrace or a balcony. There is a lot of greenery in front of the house, including a little-used but nonetheless delightful picnic area right by the fountain. Parking spaces can be found on the little-used Font street about 50 meters away from the house. All apartments are fully furnished and share a washer and dryer in the basement.

The blue apartment in Cal Viola

The brown apartment in Cal Viola

The Yellow and Orange apartments in Cal Viola