Port Aventura

Theme park lovers (and young people or those young at heart) will find a kind of Disneyworld called Port Aventura between Cambrils (picturesque) and Salou (crowds upon crowds of tourists during the summer). It is about 10 years old and we were pleasantly surprised when, full of prejudices, we plunged into the hustle and bustle to accompany guests of Cal Viola with their children. There is a lot to see and marvel at, from a Mediterranean bay to a Chinese temple, the nature on display is bountiful and the attractions simply breathtaking (at least for my taste, kids seem to have great fun). However, I would advise against going there with children under the age of five as they often prefer playing quietly in a corner without the “highs and lows” of this magnitude.

Personally, I love the Polynesian world best, with its colourful bird shows, dance performances by real Polynesians, and lots of typical ambience.

They even built up a complete Mediterranean village and  … yes, you’ve guessed it…lots of restaurants, modern-historical Mexican Cantinas, saloons, Chinese honky-tonks and whatever. You can spend money left and right, and even the most harmless-looking pirate’s ship flies so high as to make one (me) queasy.