La Morera del Montsant

A picture-perfect little village (6 km away from Scala Dei – simply take a right before driving into Scala Dei and proceed up to the Montsant). The village appears completely abandoned, except in July and August, since nearly every resident has left. Still, all the houses have been very beautifully restored. The church is also worth a visit, and so are the two restaurants (what else?!).

Then it’s time to prove that you are in good shape. Visitors who park up from the village and keep hiking up will suddenly find themselves at the foot of the mighty Montsant rock formation which culminates in a high plateau at the top. There are several routes signposted for the climb. Mountain lovers who are not scared of heights should definitely take the “Barrots” route. No fear, you don’t have to be a mountaineer, just a little courageous, and that’s all we’re going tell. Once on top, you will find yourself in a different world. Be sure to look closely everywhere, because there are different miracles to discover every season: from Christmas roses and daffodils in spring all the way to aromatic rosemary and thyme in the summer. The routes are well marked. You should definitely hike up to the highest cross and then choose a different route for the descent (Grallera or Agnet). Be sure to take along water and food – it’s easy to forget the time up there! From this high-up „sign-post“ you can seen as far as the snow-covered Pyrenees to the north and the Cambrils sea to the south. A one-in-a-million spot in all of Catalonia.

During the summer season it is even possible to spend the night up there. There are many rock overhangs and small valleys to put up a cosy camp in (but be sure to bring along a sleeping bag because it can get quite cold even during the summer). The darkness is unpolluted by light and you will see thousands of stars.