A slightly “bigger” version of the little local towns, Falset is located 17 km away from Torroja (to get there, just stay on the main road after leaving Gratallops). It is a place where you can buy everything you need. Tuesday mornings are market days on the La Cuartera plaza. The shops are closed Monday mornings and usually between 1:30 and 5 p.m. every day.

To us, Falset is just a place to shop. It boasts the world’s best pastry shop (Pastisseria Lopez) and the best butcher’s shop (only a 100 meters from the patisserie, you can’t miss it). Other than for shopping, we don’t usually spend much time there, in spite of the many restaurants (again!). Naturally, Falset has a tourism office (Oficina de Turisme) which offers lots of information all about the Priorate und the area surrounding it. A few sights you shouldn’t miss, however, are the large Bodega of the Falset Sindicate (built by one of Gaudi’s students), and of course the “red church“ nestled in a limestone cornice outside of Falset, in the direction of Reus (please ask at the Oficina how to get there; I am at a loss to describe the way. In the past it used to be easy, but the new bypass road has really complicated matters, and nobody seems to care enough to put up signposts, which is a pity, because the place is truly magical.